Amazon Client Testimonial                  

"We’re a smaller company with no experience selling on Amazon, but had a number of small e-commerce shops reselling our product there hurting our brand image with poor reviews and lackluster presentation.

We decided to take control of our brand on Amazon by becoming a seller ourselves, and we could not have done that without Denielle, our consultant from Providence Market Solutions.

She advised us up front what it would take, how long it would take, and what resources we would need. Looking back now, she was right on all counts.  Some of their accomplishments for our brand:

  • Vendor Set-up – recommended we go two paths with some products Fulfilled by Amazon, others by us. They also worked with our AP and AR teams to ensure we were properly integrated with Amazon to receive and make payments and understood their reporting methods
  • Brand Owner Registration – a long and painful process due to the changing Amazon regulations but she was thorough, patient and successful.
  • Product Setup – for over 25 SKU’s
  • Content Upload
  • Shipment coordination
  • Strategies to push down or shut down sellers of old or inferior product
  • Paid Search Strategies

They know Amazon and were thorough, effective, and tireless advocates for our brand.  We would not have launched much less had any success without their help. I highly recommend their services to those looking to enter the Amazon Marketplace.


Brian Talbot | Sr. Vice President Marketing

Develop Plus - Manufacturer of Fine Haircare products